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Can you handle my shipment?





Can you handle my shipment?

TG Logistics is a freight forwarding company steeped in experience shipping different types of freight to different parts of the world and therefore we feel confident that we can assist with any type of shipment that you may have.

From daily consignments of fresh fish to drilling equipment or textiles, we have the experience gained from years within the industry and working closely with our loyal customers. Whether its sea, air or road freight, importing or exporting, we would either have the experience with it or have contacts who does.


Our expertise include:

Fresh Fishfresh fish

We currently deliver fresh fish on a daily basis to a major seafood buyer so we experienced with delivering perishables and have an established network of cold stores and refrigerated transport that understand the time critical requirements of the consignment.

We have delivered live fish as well as filleted fish for mass market distribution so we are well geared to support any Fish requirements.


Machinery and Drilling parts

We have clients within the Engineering sector as well as oil and gas sector that we work with who rely on us to deliver crucial parts to keep their factories or drilling machinery working.

We frequently export and import consignments that require our complete attention on critical shipments.



Chemical or Hazardous shipments                         hazardous

 Through working with different materials, we have had to deal with chemicals. We have a great understanding of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and how to deal with them, whether it is to pack it safely or advice on the best mode of transport for a particular material.


Personal Effectspersonal effects

We have also dealt with personal effects such as luggage as it is often more cost effective to send items by air freight than to pay the airline’s excess baggage rates.

We are able to collect and deliver your bags and deliver into the airline as well as doing all the necessary paperwork and customs declarations.


Clothing and Textiles

clothingWe have clients importing clothing produced overseas as well as textile components so we understand the requirements for this type of shipment.

We also undergo customs classification and establishing commodity codes for large varied shipments of clothing or composites.


As you can see, we have dealt with a wide variety of different types of freight to be able to deal with your shipment but we also have enough experience within the industry to be able to find out the answers in the unlikely event that we don’t know them!

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