TG Logistics has gained longstanding clients from Oil and Gas, Fish Importers, Retail clothing clients. We can do anything from pallet distribution to hazardous cargo

Our Clients

Through our dedicated service and attention to detail, we have developed long standing relationships with several market leading companies, dealing in a wide range of products who entrust us to manage their shipments whether it is by Air or Sea; Import or Export. We are able to offer flexibility and value in all aspects of international movements and a level of service we believe to be second to none.

A Global Leader in HDD Drilling

Our client is the HDD industry recognised global leader in performance drilling tools, equipment and services – the company was founded over 20 years ago and remains dedicated to the development of their products supporting their customers worldwide.

TG Logistics Ltd have been pleased to be able to support such a pioneering and dynamic company and with our understanding of their needs and expectations, we are able to efficiently support their operations worldwide.

50 K Safety Tongs
24 XTR-S TCI Reamer-Front Angle View
20InchHDXRRPushReamMotor IRUKHDX2035 front view
20 XTR TCI Block Leg Assembly
15 x 4 Cone XTR-S TCI Reamer-Front Angle View

A Major Outdoor Clothing Brand

As a leading brand in outdoor performance clothing, they continue to produce and develop excellent quality garments for all types of weather and outdoor activity. They are also proud to adopt environmentally responsible and ethical practices so that their clients know that the garments have been produced with the least environment impact on the planet

TG Logistics Ltd are delighted to have been a part of their success story for over 12 years by ensuring that their consignments all reach their destinations on time whether it be the component parts or the finished high quality garments.

A Major Seafood Importer

Through an established cool chain, TG Logistics work with several major wholesalers and retailers to ensure that highly perishable commodities such as fresh fish arrive in the best possible condition.

We handle all the requirements of the Airlines or Shipping Lines, Port Health, Customs and arrange for the prompt delivery of the products virtually anywhere in the UK 24 hours a day 365 days of the year if required.

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